Private Bookings & External Events

Birthday Parties:


We can offer a range of skills for children's and adult's birthday parties such as aerial trapeze, silks and rope, tightrope, tumbling, juggling, hula hooping, plate spinning etc. We can tailor the party to exactly what you or your child wants.



Parties will be a minimum of 1.5 hrs, prices are for up to 15 attendees any number over 15 will increase the price by £25 an hour for up to 24 participants


1.5hrs - £250 for up to 15 participants

2hrs - £300 for 2 teachers for up to 15 participants


Performances for parties and other events:


We work with a range of different performers who are very skilled and experienced in their field. We can offer aerial performances in trapeze, silks and rope, hula hooping, fire breathing, fire staff and hula hoop.


Prices vary according to the event and the performer. Please enquire at




Private and group classes:


To book any private or group classes please email


The prices below are for 1:1 classes in aerial trapeze, silks and rope. If you would like to enquire about 1:1 classes in any other discipline please contact us on


1:1 private classes

1hr for 1 person £40

1.5hrs for 1 person £50

2hrs for 1 person £65


1:2 private classes

1hr for 2 people £50

1.5hrs for 2 people £65

2hrs for 2 people £80



1hr for up to 5 people £80

1.5hrs for up to 5 people £100

2hrs for up to 5 people £140



Events and Festivals


School of Larks has a wide experience working at events and festivals doing workshops and performances, some of the festivals we have worked at are Wilderness festival, Stroud fringe festival, The Edinburgh fringe festival, Chalfest, The Insider festival, Meadow fest among many others.


If you would like to get a quote for a workshop or performance at an event or festival please email