We are really overwhelmed by your support and generosity during this time. We have realised how important it has become for people to keep active and stimulated while at home and we want to support our students as much as we can in this and maintain the community we have built so that when we come out of this mad situation we are even stronger than before.  We are very excited to be offering weekly online circus classes for adults and children!


Throughout the time we are in quarantine, we will be teaching acro, tumbling, juggling, hula hooping, yoga, circus fitness, flexibility, partner, parent and child movement, circus equipment making and more!!! We will try to integrate as many of the skills that we usually teach into our online classes so that everybody's needs are met. 

We have decided to run this as a subscription service as opposed to individual class payments to allow people to access as many of the classes we run as they want so we can make it as accessible as possible in this difficult time.


From your feedback, we are very excited to be offering you some 4 week courses this month. If you've ever wanted to  be able to do the splits, further your back bending skills or get creative in your head or hand standing including correcting your technique then this is your chance! 

If your income has gone down and you can't afford the above we are happy to support you during this crazy time. We would be happy to accept a donation for the classes if this is viable for you. You can donate here, via our PayPal account.