School of Larks offers a diverse apprenticeship program that involves planning, teaching, working on personal skills and much more! If you would like to get involved with an apprenticeship opportunity, please contact

We have a trainee program for over 25's which runs alongside our apprenticeship program. We welcome enquiries from circus professionals and also those with circus experience who are interested in teaching circus arts.


Here's what our apprentices have to say... 

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a rural-based school of circus arts 

Macey Packard

2019 Apprentice - I started aerial classes at School of Larks after a summer school in 2013! I’m currently doing the Art Foundation at Stroud and will hopefully be continuing to study Circus at Circomedia in 2020. All aspects of being an apprentice have been uplifting: working with compassionate teachers and students, learning about the business, gaining leadership skills, and solidifying my own knowledge through teaching others.